#1 The news that Tyreek Hill faces allegations of battery von panxing18 01.07.2019 05:29

against his child is both shocking and concerning Juan Thornhill Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys , especially if the child ended up with a broken arm caused by Hill. The circumstances could result in a very significant punishment for the player, in addition to whatever sanctions the criminal justice system may impose.In 2014, after incidents involving Ray Rice, Greg Hardy, and Adrian Peterson, the NFL beefed up the Personal Conduct Policy, creating a baseline suspension of six game for any crimes of violence and creating conditions pursuant to which the league can impose a punishment exceeding six games, based on aggravating factors.“Possible aggravating factors include Kansas City Chiefs Jerseys 2019 , but are not limited to, a prior violation of the Personal Conduct Policy, , violence involving a weapon, choking, repeated striking, or when an act is , a pregnant woman Juan Thornhill Jersey Cheap , or an elderly person, or where the act is committed in the presence of a child,” the Personal Conduct Policy explains, with emphasis added.Apart from the fact that the victim of the alleged misconduct is a child (which constitutes an aggravating factor in and of itself), Hill’s past guilty plea to beating and choking his then-pregnant girlfriend would enhance the penalty even more. Because Hill did what he previously did before entering the NFL, he faced no punishment for it from the league office. That punishment would come now, if a violation is proven based on the new allegations.Then there’s the question of whether the Chiefs will do to Hill what they did to Kareem Hunt, summarily severing ties with the player based on evidence of misconduct. In Hunt’s case Juan Thornhill Jersey Womens , the Chiefs concluded that he had lied about his involvement in an incident that was later proven by video. In Hill’s case, it’s entirely possible that he was drafted and employed in 2016 under a clear understanding that one false move would get him cut.Of course, if he’s cut, someone else inevitably will give him another second chance. And that will be a very real factor for the Chiefs to consider before making a final decision. If there’s no longer a place for him in Kansas City, one of the NFL’s other teams would find a way to hold its nose and look the other way to justify embracing arguably the hardest player to defend in the league.For now, it will become impossible to defend Tyreek Hill as a person, if he did what he’s accused of doing. And if it’s true that he broke his child’s arm, the league office should consider protecting all 32 teams from the temptations of his talents by banishing him from the league. The Chiefs and Chargers are both 11-3 Harrison Butker Jersey , tied for the best record in the AFC. The good news for the Chiefs is, they’ll win any tiebreaker between the two teams, so as long as they win out, they don’t have to worry about what the Chargers do.The good news for the Chargers is, winning out won’t be easy for the Chiefs.That’s because the next game on the Chiefs’ schedule is next Sunday night at Seattle, and the Seahawks are playing very good football right now. The Seahawks will likely be slight favorites in that game, and if the Seahawks are able to beat the Chiefs, that would mean the Chargers just need to win their last two (home against the Ravens and at Denver) to earn home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs.The Chiefs could catch a break against the Seahawks because Seattle might not have anything to play for. Depending on how this week’s games go Reggie Ragland Jersey , it’s possible that the Seahawks will already be locked into the No. 5 seed in the NFC, and therefore could care more about protecting their top players than about beating the Chiefs.But that seems unlikely, as Seahawks coach Pete Carroll has never rested his starters in the past, even when the Seahawks were heading to the playoffs and had nothing to play for in Week 17.So it appears that we’ll see the Chiefs playing to win, and the Seahawks playing to win, in a game that might determine whether Kansas City earns home-field advantage throughout the AFC playoffs, or whether Kansas City would need to win three straight road games in January to get to the Super Bowl.

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